Trustless access to complex financial instruments without the need for a centralized exchange.

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    CoinConcord is a proof of concept type of decentralised marketplace, offering a peer-to-peer system designed for exchanging various cryptocurriencies directly among users without interference of a centralised institution. CoinConcord is also a market leading DeFi provider, offering its users the power of various DAPPS and DeFi protocols for services like Liquidity mining and crypto backed loans. Operating on a community-first mandate, CoinConcord returns 80% of its revenue back to its community in form of additional earnings on savings and borrowing. Combining attractive interest rates, low fees, and a strong community; the platform has experienced good growth since its inception.

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    The CoinConcord Network was founded in 2020 with the one aim to provide a full community-orientated alternative to the traditional banking financial system for loans and return on investments. Most of the big banks and financial institutions had gotten away with risky and unethical behaviour done at the expense of the owners’ funds; Presenting various bogus charges, transaction fees and restraints placed that hinder asset transaction and transfer.
    CoinConcord broke in, allowing its users access to services such as crypto backed loans where users could deposit coins as collateral to obtain loans in stable currencies. It also encourages users to stake cryptocurrency on DeFi Locked staking pools providing Liquidity and enjoying rewarding APY’s on coins staked.
    Since its inception, the CoinConcord platform has experienced significant growth. The number of active users growing with about 80% in the first quarter. This can be broken down to a weekly average growth of 3.06% increase in the number of users.
    The CoinConcord Platform boasts of over 200,000 users at the moment and holds more than $120 million in community deposits for users. CoinConcord offers high interest-earning savings accounts, low-interest borrowing fees and a solid security system.

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The numbers don't lie

We offer better rates than our competitor on your favorite assets like BTC, ETH, USDC, and USDT.

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    Yield Paid in 12 months

PS: Everything we do at Coin-Concord is designed for unparalleled access to fair, rewarding financial services. Fees hold people back, so we removed them. But we didn’t stop there.

Earning Crypto Interest

Make your idle digital assets work for you with Coin-Concord. Start earning up to 15% APR, paid out daily. No hidden fees

Beat Volatility & The Risk

While buying crypto and HODLing it until the price goes up is a great option for turning a profit, it requires lots of time and a bit of luck.

Instant Cash For Crypto

Borrow cash or stablecoins backed by your crypto from 6.9% APR. Just top up and your credit line is instantly available.

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Seamless, instant, and limitless transactions at the best available market prices.

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    10+ Crypto Pairs

    Market pairs for all supported currencies, including BTC/ETH, BNB/ETH, and BTC/USDT. The feature transforms the Coin-Concord platform into the single place you need in order to send, receive, safely store, and borrow against your Coin-Concord Tokens.

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    Fixed Price & Immediate Execution

    Zero price fluctuations when you place an order, compared to other providers where the price might change by up to 5%. Your balances are updated immediately, the moment your order is confirmed.

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    Unlimited Swaps

    No upper limit on the swaps you can make, up to $100,000 per single transaction.

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    The Best Market Prices

    Coin-Concord’s Smart Routing System offers the best market price by connecting to multiple exchanges at once. You no longer need to crunch numbers – the system does it for you within a fraction of a second from a single platform.

imageCoin-Concord Exchange

The most convenient way to swap Tokens.

The Coin-Concord platform is equipped with a top-quality security infrastructure designed to ensure maximum protection of assets at all times.


Open the Coin-Concord platform

Go to the Coin-Concord platform via browser, log in to your account, and then click on the Swap tab.


Select your currency pair

Pick the currency you want to pay with, the currency you would like to receive, and the amount you would like to exchange.


Click Exchange

Preview your transaction and click on the blue Exchange button to swap assets instantly.