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Trustless access to complex financial instruments without the need for a centralized exchange.

  1. Q3 2020

    COINCONCORD WALLET – MVP (Non custodial wallet):

    CoinConcord launched its Non custodial Digital wallets. This piece of software application allows users to make transactions and transfer currency amongst one another speedily and securely.

  2. Q1 2021


    On CoinConcord, DeFi Locked staking pools are created where users are allowed to lock up their crypto assets into smart contracts thus making them a validator in a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) blockchain network. This allows users to share a portion of the profit generated


    CoinConcord offers a new exciting feature that allows users to swiftly exchange digital assets in their wallets for another without using any form of fiat currency as an intermediary.

  3. Q2 2021


    Now Users are allowed to exchange crypto assets available on their wallets with each other in a safe secure manner using an escrow. Funds are transferred from their CoinConcord non-custodial wallets to an escrow that serves as a medium of exchange and ensures a fair transaction between the two transacting parties.

  4. Q3 2021


    Here users are given access to use crypto assets available on their CoinConcord to serve as collaterals inorder to access easy low interest loans.

  5. Q1 2022


    CoinConcord offers a high-end industry-grade, highly secure physical infrastructure for users to run next-generation blockchains services on. This gives users access to non-custodial staking services for Proof-of-Stake token holders, providing essential services for the Web 3.0 ecosystem. CoinConcord offers Defi Web staking, using the Proof-of-Stake network powered by Web 3.0, maintaining the blockchain over a diverse and geographically distributed network of different computers or servers called “nodes”. The networks allow for a diverse set of entities to participate in their operation and earn rewards for doing so. This allows users connect their wallets from their locations and enjoy staking services on CoinConcord. CoinConcord offers non-custodial, highly secure staking services for a variety of next-generation Proof-of-Stake blockchains, presenting users with the opportunity to participate in the next evolution of the internet while earning rewards on their digital assets

  6. Q1 2022


    Using the Proof-of-stake network, CoinConcord allows users accesss to Swap services. Users can connect their wallets onto CoinConcord to fund for crypto swaps on the platform. This gives users non-custodial protection over their assets and a decentralised access to the platform.

  7. Q4 2022


    NFT‘s have offered a new unique way of ownership of assets on the digital world. Now digital collectibles are becoming gatepasses into the future Metaverse. CoinConcord is gearing towards becoming a leader in the NFT crypto space, offering users access to mint, sell and rent out their NFT‘s. The marketplace being created is one where users can SAFELY store their NFT collectibles, Avatars and are allowed full flexibility on NFT ownership.

    ● Minting and Sale of NFT- Would allow minting of NFT‘S from approved CoinConcord curators.
    ● NFT Renting- Would allow users rent out their NFT‘S for a period of time to earn passive income from it.
    ● NFT Loans- Would allow users use NFT’S as collaterals to obtain crypto loans.

  8. Q2 2023


    Perpetual contracts are unending future contracts where users are allowed to buy or sell derivatives of assets at specific dates and specific prices. Lacking the traditional expiry date that traditional future contracts posses, perpetual contracts allow traders to bet on future price uncertainty and hold their position as long as they like without fear of expiration of the contract.
    CoinConcord would offer perpetual contract trading on its decentralized and community owned DEX in the incoming future. This would be done through the use of a virtual Automated Market Marker (vAMM) instead of the traditional AMM protocols in use in many other DEX platforms. This vAMM protocol would afford infinite on-chain liquidity, functioning without the need of any liquidity pool as seen in AMM protocols. The only liquidity to be provided here would serve as direct collateral for the traded assets. This means the success of this decentralized platform is not being tied to any staking or liquidity pool providers. All transactions would be carried out on chain alone, leaving traders with total control of their assets anytime and anywhere.
    Perpetual contracts on CoinConcord would be designed in order to allow traders trade with higher leverages and better liquidity on a transparent mechanism.


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